So, my boy wants a Knights themed B-Day party


And my wife said that “It’s pretty hard to find a lot of knights themed party things…”

And so I replied: “In the not too distant future, we will not be troubled ever again with having to find and buy any themed items…FOR WE SHALL SIMPLY MAKE OUR OWN!!! MMMWWWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!” (scary evil genius laugh)

Anyone else finding themselves doing this a lot?


Absolutely…every year I do custom stuff with my laser for my sons birthday.


Definitely going to up the game on table centerpieces for fund-raising galas. I can see a pretty good market for kits with design and materials already for a party.


A) This isn’t limited to kids’ parties, right?

B) I’m still practicing mine:


@dan on his epiphany of having a laser in the home, when his Wife asked “Have you noticed how the kids are asking us to make them something instead of buying them something?”


Oh yeah. First Halloween at my house post glowforge is going to be ridiculous. I don’t have kids but I’m pretty immature… does that count?


The average American family has 2.3 children.
True for us because we have 2 kids and 3% of the time I behave like a 10 year old. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


My kids can’t wait for me to start making stuff for them and their friends.


I had about 10 projects lined up for my niece’s birthday in October. But since the laser will be here in December I have to change up the projects and hope they work on the Shopbot CNC router instead.


My brother showed my niece the promotional video a couple of weeks ago and she zeroed in on custom leather flip flops that I didn’t even notice. If I can’t make flip flops with her name on them, I’ll probably be disowned. Lol.