So now that I have my Golden Ticket


I know it will be between 1 and 6 weeks but what should I be looking for? Do I get another email telling me when to expect it? Just super excited about getting my Glowforge. Maybe some of you pioneer forgers could share what to expect.


Start stocking up the pantry and freezer with easy prep meals. (No i’m not kidding.) :smile:


You will get another email with tracking information once your packages ship.


I’m about 3 weeks away from my email, so I’m following. Ha! (Even saved some vacation time and now thanks to @Jules I can check the pantry…)


Yes. You’ll get two other emails. One with your Proofgrade tracking number and coupon codes, if any. Another with the two Glowforge tracking numbers. If you live near California you might get the Glowforge before you get the email. Similarly with the Proofgrade if you live near Tennessee.

If you sign up for UPS My Choice and tell them to notify you when a label to your destination is created, that is usually the first notice to arrive.


Got my email the other day . I checked UPS and it says delivery feb 14.


Took about three weeks for me from golden email to a box that filled all available floor space in my kitchen. I’m on other side of country from where it started.


Also get some sleep. You won’t get much for the first couple weeks until you push yourself a bit too far and crash in a major nap attack. Srsly.


True. I went down like a felled sequoia. :smile:


Get comfortable with the local fast food places.


Note: I have Chik-fil-e, Burger King, Wendy’s, Culver’s, Little Ceasars, Hungry Howies, KFC, Sonic, Steak and Shake, and a few other places less than 2 miles from here. No, I don’t exactly have a standing order anywhere. With losing so much time and energy to work, though, there is the comfort of being able to have a quick (if not exactly good for me) meal that isn’t taking too much of my other time and energy. Now if I can just recover enough to do lots of laser, again.