So the glowforge is packed up, NoVa Maker Faire tomorrow

It was a pleasure meeting you today at the Maker Faire! I stopped by briefly this morning shortly after the event started.


i meant “tell me who you were” say hi :slight_smile:


it was nice to meet you and pete obrien as well.

it was a great crowd today, lots of interested people. if the google cloud hadn’t gone belly up, it would have been a rousing success. it was still a very good day, but not losing service would have been even better.

my wife told me, “you really taking all those puzzles?” and from mid afternoon on, there were people playing with the flying fish escher, animal escher, and heart puzzles constantly until we shut down.

barely got the GF back into the box and into the truck bed and covered before the rain came. i was really getting nervous at the end waiting for my wife to come back with the truck and the box.


I was the guy who gave you the AstrolabeProject card. Shook your hand and introduced myself as Rick. Said rpegg too but knew right away you didn’t hear me say that. You were quite busy.


oooooh… i remember meeting you now. and thanks, i still have the card. i did miss the rpegg.

yeah, it was crazy. we were pretty swamped all day until right about 4:15, when they started warning us about the storm coming and taking tents down. they gave us lunch boxes about 12:30 and i got my first bite of my wrap at 4pm.

i can’t believe i stayed there all day without going to the bathroom. never left my spot.


Heh, you’ve met one of the job qualifications for being a nurse!


I hear he plays a mean game of Texas Hold ‘Em too. Two for two! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


in case anyone is curious, here’s a sampling of the drawings i engraved. sad to think there won’t likely be another maker faire…


Thanks for sharing this artwork. I know the artists were happy to meet you. Hope this is not the end of Maker Faire.


These are so fun… I like that they represent people who may now be inspired to make something new.

While “Maker Faire” might be dead, there’s still room for non-branded options. We have several in our area. Small, but still cool.


I never took pics while I was there cuz we were so swamped and then rushing to break down at the end to beat the storm. Here are a few things I made over the last week or so for the tables/display. Will add more pics when I get a chance to take them.

image image




Man, are you productive!

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A few more things.


Oh, I forgot one pic. I really like how my logo sign came out. inspired by big blue mark’s business card signs.

1/2” acrylic base, cherry veneer, and 1/8 PG white, red, and black acrylic.


Great outcome on your Logo sign. I really stands out in an elegant way…

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Very professional looking!

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the cool part (from a technical side) was my first attempt at cutting 1/2" (well, .475") acrylic. it’s not fast, but it was a fairly clean cut.

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The red color makes it stand out. Was it hard to cut the slot in the base? :grinning:

Slow and multiple passes. It’s 16 x 5 with a 12” slot. I think it took 20-25 mins to cut the outer shape and the slot, with a brief pause in between cuts to let the acrylic cool a little.

Then careful tapping with the mallet to get the top part in without damaging it.

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