So the glowforge is packed up, NoVa Maker Faire tomorrow

Gotta get up early (ugh) so we can be there between 7 and 7:30 to unload and be set up by 10am for the safety check. The downside (other than weather) of the outdoor tented area is no setting up on Saturday more leisurely and not as early. I’m not a morning person.

have about 125 premade tchotchkes, but also about 10-15 sheets of BB and some PG to do other stuff on it.

cross your fingers for good weather. looks like rain starting right around the end of the even (5pm) and during our breakdown and loadout.

pray for the portable AC to pump nice cool air into the front intake and keep the GF cranking.

no pictures yes, but i was busy the last two days (sandwiched around dealing the the tree that landed on our house in teh storm last week).

so wish me luck for a fun day and if anyone knows someone in the NoVA area, point them out to come see fun maker stuffl

any typos blame on the fact tha t my sleeping pill is cree;ing kn and i can’t see what i’m typing as the screeen wavers around and make it hard to readl finished a couple of little thigns today. a two piece box in curly maple it’s sitting outside waiting to findid drying. along with a vent cover pttern that also it outside drying.

if there are any NoVA folks around , stop by. or if you know someoen, send them overl.Listed as DoubleUStudio.


Well, have fun, and take some pics! :slightly_smiling_face:

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will do my best. i’m really curious if i’ve under made the tchotchkes, or if i’m going to have a pile of round tuits and 70s motel keys and skull and crossbones headphone wrapper.


Oh, I doubt it’s ever enough. It will be fine though. :smile:

i have lots of other BB out there to make more. would just simplify for time.

Good luck! Hope it goes well!

Oh wow, good luck! Hope all goes well and have fun. Let us know how it’s going for you.

Hope you’re having fun! And the :glowforge: too…

Was working just fine at 11am. Bright sun shining on the unit. Cardboard covering the glass as much as possible. Currently 81 in the shade with a Basic and portable AC. People seem interested.


But did you get your own tchotchke?

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Haven’t unmasked myself. They’re busy and doing great. And I didn’t bring my “How to be social, for Dummies” book.


Go introduce yourself! :smile:
(If nothing else, they might want to take a potty break and you can mind the store.)

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dangit! you should have told me! come back and say hi, willya?


so, scanning i’m not always getting the inside of heavy coverage area markers. what am i doing wrong? for now, i’m taking a picture on my phone, but that takes more time.

Holding holding down the CTRL or CMD key and slowly clicking the Down Arrow on the keyboard increases what gets picked up in the trace. (Use the Up arrow to reduce noise and stray marks.)

  1. Say hello.

muchos gracias




Great to see you there! Love the solution for cooling. And thanks for the round Tuits!


I did.