So whens the next Q and A?


I need some videos to hold me over intill I get my machine! hahha so burnt out on watching the old videos. Must have watched it couple hundred times lol. Also i want to see more detailed cuts video pls. I just want to see more video of the machine in action!


You could watch the videos made by @jkopel thats helps me some times :slight_smile:




found this as well


Here are some older ones on my Universal laser.

Card stock.
These were pieces for popup cards for my sons birthday last year.

(I keep all his cards from year 1…lol)

These were grad party photo booth props.

Not on the Glowforge, but could be…


So the Glowforge used in this makerfaire was “Joshforge” ? Is that the same forge Josh the beta tester from here was using ? Not a big deal now, but at the time was this one of the only forges actually assembled ?


Yes, they took Joshforge back from jkopel to fix something and gave him a different glowforge, Joshforge II. They then took Joshforge to Maker Faire Bay Area.


Thanks for asking! Will see about scheduling something soon with @bailey


Awesome! What type of material is that for the party props?


Wow, thats one way of reviving very old threads :slight_smile: Gotta go back and see what the reply was all about


Oh WOW! Now I forgot. Let me go back to the forum.


That is very cool!


Invites were cut from glossy cover stock printed on my color laser printer.
Grad photo booth props were cut from poster board


Oh Thanks a million!