So, who wants a good laugh? (at me, lol)

So I’m reading my e-mails yesterday, and I get allllllll excited because I see one from Dan, about an update to the shipping…

I open it, barely able to contain myself…

Reading, reading, reading…“Shipping by end of June”…

Huh? “But we already knew that…” I think to myself.

And then I realized, I had re-sorted my e-mails by subject line earlier that morning, and this was the e-mail from a few months ago.

LOL…it’s ok, go ahead & laugh heartily, I hope this brought a big chuckle to your days!



ha! I woke up to an email from glowforge support the other day and thought “WOOHOO!!! ITS SHIPPING!”. Turns out it was just a referral, one of which I havent seen for a very long time.

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Having read many posts, and even contributed some of my own, about shipping and features and the beta testing program, people’s eagerness and plans for their VO GF I’ll tell you how I put a cap on my own longing…

Life is like a box of choco … no, no, no got sidetracked for a second.

It’s as if I’ve bought a recurring ticket in a lottery, I’m guaranteed a prize in one of the future draws I just don’t know which one. I consider the money spent, gone and almost forgotten, all I hope is that the prize coming to me is from one of the top divisions and not from the bottom of the prize pool. This is one occasion where having many investors in the lottery is really going to work in your favour … more funds to throw at the development to ensure a “big prize”!


Nothing like a shot of adrenaline to start the day!!