Soap Dish Twist

This is simple, but a good use of a soap dish, in my opinion. My wife bought a soap dish (see photo). The original soap dish is a transparent acrylic. It has nipples inside of it. I cut three pieces of thick transparent green acrylic. The end goal was to use the soap dish to hold the battery operated toothbrush holder. The bottom piece has small holes used for drainage and the two other pieces are used to hold the toothbrushes.


Very nice job! This is the first use of that bottle-colored acrylic that I’ve seen. I got some but haven’t tried it yet.


Thank you.

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That would be iron that makes the color in glass. If there is any iron in the sand this is the color you get. Someone explained that you got this not very pretty color when you used cheap sand to make glass bottles to a Coke executive as a reason they needed to buy better sand but instead he patented the color.


Great idea!

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