Soap Stamping Two Ways

I’m indulging in yet another new hobby: I decided to make some custom soaps for my sister’s business. This is her logo. There are two ways to make an impression in soap: mold it or stamp it.

The soap is homemade, from olive oil and coconut oil (my very first batch, so please be gentle, I know I made mistakes). I cut the silicone pieces from 1.2mm thick silicone mat, then placed them face down in the silicone cylinder mold. Then poured the soap batch on top while it was still liquid. Some of the mold cells were left plain so I could try the stamping. I made the stamp from 1/4” and 1/8” acrylic.

Molded soap:

Stamped, before stamping:

Stamped, after stamping:

As you can see, the soap is still way too soft to stamp, so I’ll have to dry the rest of the soaps a while longer before trying again.


Your soap looks luscious! (I tried making it once and just about killed myself with the lye fumes when a gust of wind blew it right into my face, so now I buy it premade and melt it.) :smile:


What a great idea! I did one batch of non smelly soap making, but have another batch to do. You’re giving me ideas!


Fun! Kudos! I think we know you well enough to know you will perfect these to exactly what you envision.

Made a bar of soap with a friend for the science fair back in 8th grade (I think). We didn’t enjoy the project at all. There wasn’t internet to guide us, but apparently a book. Hmm, don’t remember much, just that I didn’t want to go there again. :slightly_smiling_face:


Wow, that is very creative and inventive! That first one looks amazing!!


Molded for the win. Clean cut and professional looking.


The molded one is so clean that’s gorgous!


Very nice! I like the molded one a lot…did you adhere it to the bottom of your silicone mold before pouring the soap in?


No, I just made sure the shiny side of the silicon disc was facing the shiny mold. Despite that, I did get a little soap underneath the disc in many cases, but it was relatively easy to scrape that off before peeling off the disc.


Another creative idea! The molded does look great…


This is a great idea. I make special soaps for my Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes and was looking for something new. With your idea, I can make a variety of animal shapes and other things to dress up the plain molds I have. Think I might try some filigree around the edges to add an elegant look too.

Thanks for sharing.


I think it looks fantastic. One hobby I have not done. Soap artistry

Future conversation with Eric.

“You do not need to purchase anymore Dial soap.”
“I just made a batch of soap and I am going to name it Southern Biscuits and Honey.”

Eric pretends he did not hear me —-gets in the car drives as fast as he can to Sam’s. Comes home with 2000 bars of Dial soap.


Nice job. You made the stamp/logo with acylic right. Some things are unclear. You made mention of cutting silicone pieces from 1.2mm thick silicon mate. Is the purple the silone logo template? Then you said the stamp was made from 1/4 and 1/8 acrylic. I think im reading to much int it. Please clarify, I love your idea.

Looking back at your picture, there are two different molds, got it. Where did you by the silicone mat to cut? Could you have used the acrylic stamp at the bottom of the mold?

I think the acrylic would be way too thick. The very thin silicone mat was plenty thick for the job.

I used this mat from Amazon. Looks like it’s currently unavailable, but there are many similar ones available. Just make sure it’s smooth and shiny on at least one side if that’s the look you’re going for. And that it’s silicone, not PVC.

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Thank you so much:-). Too exciting.