Soapstone Settings and results


I found some 1/2" thick gray soapstone coasters locally and wanted to try them out. After some quick searching I did not find much info on the forums for this material so I wanted to share my results.

Settings: Speed full/ Power full
Lines per inch: 225
Number of Passes: 2

If you choose an image that does not have nice thick lines you might need more passes and/or to slow down a bit


Nice work! What did the fox say?:grinning:


The soapstone coasters are fantastic! The light color of the engraves really stands out. (I really like foxes too.)


Those look great, thanks for sharing your settings.


These look great! Do me a favor… get one wet and let me know if the engraving still pops? I am looking for a stone to use in a submerged application.


Soapstone is famous for being an ideal material to use in fire or a bed for fire, It is also extremely soft and you can carve it with a knife, I have used some really nice looking green soapstone that is like jade in every way until you put a sharp object on it and it is so much weaker.


Looks great, thanks for testing it for us!


These are really nice with the thicker lined drawings.


I did get these wet to clean the stone dust away.

Sorry to say with these gray soap stones when they get wet the image almost completely vanishes!
Once dried they were clear to see (my original photos are after being wet and dried)


Thanks for the update. Too bad for me!


Completely submerged might be different than wet.