Soccer Trophies


Made some soccer trophies for my girl’s team (whom I coach). I think they’re really going to love these! I still need to finalize how I’m going to do the team name / player name but Im pretty happy with how they are going!


Cool! You’re right–they’ll love them!


Very nice! Did you come up with that design yourself? (Love how trophies are starting to look a whole lot more interesting since the advent of the hobby laser!) :grinning:


That’s great! Fit snug in a slot? Glued? Both?


They aren’t glued yet, I will be gluing them though since they’re going to kids.

I figured out the background base (and letters once I add them). The actual player and husky outlines are from some free vector site.


For the names, edit your file to just be the outline of the white part around the player. Add the name(s). Load the file. Tape some nice, flat cardboard in the machine. Cut the outlines and set the names to ignore. Remove the cardboard outlines and place the parts to have the names added in the space left. Be sure that you don’t move the cardboard, it’s your jig. Set names to engrave, but don’t touch anything else. It won’t look right on your screen, but it’ll print where you want it this way.