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Does Cricut Design Space work with Glowforge?

Someone with Cricut specific experience will be along soon but in the meantime if it will save as SVG or PDF, yes, otherwise, no.

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Unfortunately Cricut Design Space does not have any export options. This is totally one of my dreams to have it work together. I love their images and I have literally Hundreds of their cartridges both physical and digital.

A work around is: You could cut out the images with your Cricut in paper or other material and then place in glowforge over the material that you will be cutting and use the Glowforge’s trace feature. You would need to have a high enough contrast between paper and material to have it work.

I wonder if Cricut will ever add this feature. I have no experience with illustrator or any other software so I’m nervous on what I should use.

Have you tried the Silhouette software? The basic version is free. I don’t know how similar it is to Cricut but might be worth a try.

If you do like the software, ultimately you will have to upgrade to the Business Edition, as that is the only Edition that exports to SVGs.

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I second what @ [ kelleymobilePearl] says…I started with Cricut, then moved to the Silhouette Cameo, as at that time it offered a lot more freedom.

I use Silhouette Studio to do my designing for the Glowforge, with occasional excursions into Inkscape. Someday I may learn another design program, but for now, Silhouette Studio allows me to do what I want.

And, actually, there is a website that will convert .studio designs into .svgs…

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No need to be nervous. Just do like many of us had to do…learn a new software. I didn’t know ANY design software, so I speak from experience. You can do it. There are some that are free, such as Inkscape. Many members here use it and there are tons of tutorials and other helpful tips to help you along. I use Affinity Designer for Mac…some use Illustrator…some use Corel. Just find one that you feel you might like the best and dig in learning. And…last but not least…welcome to the community!


I highly recommend Inkscape. It is a learning curve for sure but there are almost an infinite number of how to videos on youtube.


I use circut with Inkscape to use with Glowforge. Use snip tool to copy a shape without grid to clipboard. Paste in Inkscape. Trace path. I ungroup, separate and keep just outline. Save as svg. Open in Glowforge.


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