Software for student ipads?

Middle school teacher new to glowforge. Students use ipads. What is the best app for students to create their designs and easily get to me for printing from my laptop?

Also, is there a thread or separate forum educators are using for sharing ideas?


There have been some discussions about this in the past – here’s a search to get you started:

There’s no specific area for educators, but we have a bunch of them here. @theroar84 is one, and he’s posted quite a few videos that you and your students might find helpful!


If I was forced to use the iPad I’d use Affinity a lot. It is a paid app but very reasonable and perhaps they’d arrange a student discount?


The adobe suite is now available on iPad, and it is pretty incredible. If your school already has it, jump on that. If not, adobe certainly have educational discounts, but obviously there is a price and I have no idea as to your budget.


Have to agree with @jbv . I have Vectornator, Affinity Design, and Illustrator for iPad and Illustrator is by far my preferred app. That may be because I’ve been an Illustrator user on desktop for a few years, but I just found the app to be easiest to use and has the most logical interface of the three.

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Freebie apps are inkscape and gimp

Unfortunately, neither are on iPad.

We use vectornator (Middle School.) It does the job well. I’m going to revisit illustrator again, though. Just to see…

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