Solar-powered Glowforge on Converted Bus (Possible First?)


I live and travel out of an old link transit bus that I’ve been converting over the last couple years. It’d been my vision ever since I pre-ordered to be able to laser print my designs from home, wherever home may be. I installed a system which would allow me to run my Glowforge off of the solar energy. Here’s some pictures of my first trial runs on Magic the Bus. Is there anyone else doing something similar?

Instagram: @waiwardbound


Color me envious. I lived and travelled in a 35 ft Greyhound bus for ten years. I thought I was lucky to have a computer and printer on board.


That’s really awesome! Nice way to use your Glowforge … anywhere and everywhere!


I remember two topics on this:


Absolutely amazing! I love the idea of the traveling Glowforger. I suppose there is plenty of sunlight where you are.


Kewl! :sunglasses:
(Wifi signal not an issue?)


Tell us about your solar setup and specs!!! Those look like pretty long GF run times and I’m curious about the number and type of batteries, inverter, panel numbers and wattage, etc. Seems like the GF would produce a huge power demand that would be hard to meet with a mobile system with those long runs.


Road ‘Forge! Pretty awesome, light to make energy/energy to create light.


Wi-Fi is definitely one of the harder things to deal with. I’ve been looking into Wi-Fi extenders/repeaters.


Yeah, I wanted to put my Glowforge through a real use test. Each of those designs ran for about 1.5 - 2 hours. For my system, I’m running off of a 2000 watt inverter and four golf cart batteries. I have a 400 watt panel set-up (four 100 watt panels). I was able to run my Glowforge during a sunny day with ease :wink:


That is really cool!!! Maybe I will beef up my inverter, add a couple more solar panels and batteries and load my GF into my camper!!! Thanks!!!


How cool! Your projects are beautiful :slight_smile:

My friend Gary has been driving a solar bus for ages, doing education and community outreach at schools, festivals, etc… He doesn’t have a Glowforge (AFAIK anyway) but he might have some good suggestions for you on wifi, power and such … or he may be just be a kindred spirit. In either case, I’m sharing his link in case you’d like to connect with him.