SOLD Glowforge Basic, new in box, for sale, North LA, California $3200

Hi there, brand new glowforge, in box. Won in a gameshow and I’d love to sell to pay for the other prizes. Hoping we both walk away happy.

Still under warranty!

Also have proofgrade materials for sale, if interested.


Wow! That is an awesome game show prize!
Was it Price Is Right? I thought I heard about it being on there at some point, but I can’t even remember where I heard or read that. lol


Nailed it! I thought it would be cool to make a maker happy with a good deal and help pay for some of my prize taxes at the same time :grin:


I love this forum. So many interesting people we encounter. Good luck in the sale. If I were in CA I’d be interested


Oof! Prize taxes? I never even thought about that…I hope those are taxes on a new car and the showcase at the end! Thanks for mentioning it…

Wish I could help you out on your Basic, given that I’m so close, but I barely have room for the 2 machines I have…I’ll keep my ears open for anyone I know who might be interested.


You are all so amazing!

Wish I had posted here sooner :sweat_smile:


Congratulations on your prizes and good luck getting it sold quickly.


Yeah unlike cars and some other items, you won’t find them cheaper from dealers, so you can’t dicker down the tax value on them with the tax man.


You have to pay the tax before you can get your item.
And do they also make you show proof that you have the ability to pay before you can be on the show? I can’t remember but my coworker and her husband were on the show a while back (before covid).


You don’t pay taxes first, but you have the option to decline the prize.
You are taxed on the year you accept the prize for its value at that time. At least in that show


Oh interesting. They must have changed that in the last couple of years. My friend wasn’t able to get their prize until after they paid for the taxes on it, it was like a wine fridge or something like that.

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I’m sure that would have been a bummer barrier they wanted to avoid. It’s taxed as income so they said we’ll receive a 1099-misc at the end of the year.

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What a TERRIBLE experience I’ve had with GF customer help!!

Sorry guys, I am never recommending this product to anyone!

Thousands of dollars WASTED because THEY got the information wrong.

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