[SOLD] Glowforge Pro and Filter for sale $5000+shipping

Glowforge Pro lightly used (printed roughly 30 items) using all Glowforge material and Glowforge approved material.

Along with the Glowforge Pro, is an air filter, and 8 sheets of Glowforge grade material.

There’s also a Switchbot attached should you want to keep it.

Glowforge was purchased last year 2021 and does not have original boxing.

Transfer of ownership will need to be performed on the glowforge site.

Located in Nashville,TN.

Feel free to ask any questions about the product that may not be listed here.

Welcome to the forum!
where are you located?



Thank you! Nashville, TN!

since you don’t have the boxes anymore local pickup only, I assume?


Great question! No, I’m willing to ship the Pro and filter as well. I’d only ask that the buyer pay shipping fees.

“Glowforge was purchased last year 2021 and does not have original boxing.”

You need to purchase new boxes from glowforge for shipping, you will need them to ship everything, just a FYI.

also when in 2021 was the unit purchased, is it still under warranty?

Oh! This is great to know info! Do you happen to have a link that possibly explains this?

My goal is to have it shipped as safely as possible so if Glowforge will help me to do that, even better!

The unit and filter were purchased April 2021. I read that it is no longer under warranty if not in the original boxes.

Yet if I purchase boxes from Glowforge, does that negate that statement?

2 months left :frowning:
That’s a good question, i ASSUME the warrenty is intact if use use glowforge approved boxes…

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There are both orange bits as well as the box that are really needed if one wants to move it.

As well as the box…

that is a much pricier item. Moving the machine from room to room should have the orange bits installed to protect the machine from shifting and damaging itself, and moving the machine in a car or similar much less shipping really needs the box as even that is sometimes not enough as many posts to support can attest.

Looks like @Deleted managed a whole conversation while I was looking up the links. :upside_down_face:


@Deleted @rbtdanforth

Luckily I have the orange bits just not the boxes. Yes, two months left :disappointed:. On the bright side, it’s lightly used and works like it just came out the box. That’s because I hardly used it :tired_face:.

Thanks for the links! I’ll expedite the process to have it shipped.

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:slight_smile: dan

The only thing I have to add, is that the unit out (almost) of warranty drops the price, dramatically (sorry) and you should be prepared for that when / if offers come in.


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Hey, all of this is information gained so I’m better prepared now than before. :blush: Thank you!!


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Regardless you should either find the old box or get one to have available when sold. I have several such boxes of purchased items often disguised as furniture as so many folk insist on it when shipping the equipment, but the Glowforge box is the most engineered of any of them, and it is the most needed as well.


Adding onto that, it’s “official” shipping it that way. I’ll definitely confirm with customer service if this still qualifies it to be in warranty if their boxes are purchased.

Thanks again for your help!

The FNL are always putting that line in the boilerplate, but the Glowforge is possibly the only machine I have had that it is real, both on the plus side in using it, and the minus if you don’t. My box has a gash on the top that might have broken something but didn’t because of the packing design.


It ensures the safety of the product. I love it!

This might have been misunderstood…(or perhaps it’s me that has misunderstood).

Glowforge will not help you ship a machine…but, they will sell you another box in the GF shop under spare parts. They’re expensive…and I don’t believe they sell any boxes for the filter.

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This is a great catch and I assumed it was meant that by purchasing the box it would help in selling the machine.

Good looking out!

Sorry…apparently it was me who was misunderstanding. Whomever will be the owner might consider having the box as important, so in that way you are correct.


in truth, it will… you need the box for transport, and repair in the future, IF you where selling locally then you can get away with no box, but ONCE it needs to be shipped, then you MUST have a box!