Solder fume extractor design

My electronics workbench suffers from a lack of fresh air. When I’m soldering, it’s nice to have the fumes from the flux and solder diverted from my face.

I made this fume extractor out of a 120mm fan and readily available 130mm square x 10mm thick carbon filters .

The plans are for Proofgrade Medium Draftboard (3.35mm thick).

Mine fit together tightly without glue. I haven’t made any special affordances for changing the filter; I just pull off one of the side panels to replace the filter element.

There is a fourth large panel that helps keep fingers out of the fan, but it’s not full protection. You can glue a piece of mesh in between the guard panel and the panel that mounts the fan.

When assembling, mount the fan to its panel first.



Question: is there some sort of filter media or is this just moving the air away from you?

If it’s just moving the air, what purpose does the foam serve? Seems like it would just slow the airflow down?

Lol reading is hard, never mind. I wonder how effecting those carbon meshes are? Hmm.

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The carbon filters are the same ones used by the off-the-shelf solder fume extractors. They seem to help quite a bit if the smoke gets captured by the draft. My fan is a beefy 120VAC unit that came from a piece of scientific equipment from the '90s.


I use a little battery-powered fan to just pull the fumes away and make no attempt to filter it. Ideally I would vent outside my workspace, but maybe I should look into something like your filter.

A bit off topic but you seem like the sort that might like this:

They throw a ton of air for their size, and are USB rechargeable with an internal 18650 battery. I keep a few spare batteries handy in case I need to do a quick change, but yeah, definite thumbs up for drying paint, moving air, starting charcoal, you name it.


Nice design Ned, thanks for sharing that. :sunglasses:


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Bravo! I have this exact setup for the same purpose. Now I have something to put it in.


That’s a great idea. I have a bunch of old fans that would work and I need to make one of these instead of holding my breath!


Ahh love this. Will definitely make, thanks for sharing

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Great design!


Cool! Thank you for the share!