Solder fume extractor

herm I wonder if this could work for laser, have not looked into it I made a pre filter that still does external window dump meant for in room recirculation and not kill people and soldering is super toxic so …

CFM may be to slow, then again we don’t know what the spec is for the gf

but it does look like you can get the heap and the carbon separate and build your own box so who knows anyway just rambles

It is less CFM than the Glowforge 168 vs 200 so probably not do good. I ended up with a 500 CFM that has other issues like a 10" intake instead of 4" but is similarly priced.

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Did your 500 CFM air filter end up working well with your GlowForge? We just received ours and are in a building without ventilation, so I’m looking to addapt our HEPA-500 air purifier (maybe the same one you have) with a reducer from 10" to 4".

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I have not managed to do that as yet however with 500 cfm it will clean the house of everything very quickly. The rest of the setup produces a lot of smoke and the “Blue whale” (it is a giant blue filter feeder) gobbles it up pretty good though a fair amount is also escorted outside,
However I started to make a reducer and included a free pattern here.

You will find that a small folgers coffee “can” is just the right size to fit a 4" hose so i am trying to fix the sides with Celastic ( the link for it is at the end of that thread) though fiberglass might have been a better choice had I not already had the Celastic.