Solder station tray

Have a couple “remove before flight” flags exactly like yours. Got them at a job recruitment booth for my old work. Used mine to help me remember to remove a gimbal lock on my drone’s camera.

Reminded me of the flags I would remove on ejection seats or weapons racks before a flight test. Though they were much, much bigger so even a blind person couldn’t miss them.


Um, I beg to differ. I’ve seen more than one helo come back for an ‘emergency landing’ because they had no airspeed showing. (I could always tell when they didn’t use the checklist during preflight. They hated me, because I would point it out to them…I was the chief evaluator btw…you don’t screw up in front of the Dragonlady!)


I think the Martin/Baker ejection seats had 7 of them. The EA-6 was a 4 seater so 28 of 'em just in the cockpit.

Yeah, those flags were like3 feet long as I recall, at least the ones on the landing gear.

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There is also this add-on, which is what I have been using.

I like your design, although I’m amazed that you can confine your soldering stuff to a small area.


This is my configuration for soldering. Thank you for posting that Panavise. That is a very nice one. The bottom tool is the number one tool are use for soldering because those black sticks are very flexible. I also have them permanently glued into the base.


Oh, this is just an essentials subset.

I have one on my blast gate so I hopefully remember to prevent a shop full of smoke.

I have them in my drone cases - for some reason I just don’t see them when they’re on the gimbal covers so they ended up stuffed in the cases instead. :man_shrugging: Still sometimes forget the covers until I see the camera view on the monitor which is supposed to be a no-no. I should probably use a checklist but I tend to skip over the detail thinking I’ve done something I haven’t. Just no discipline I guess :smiley:


It is funny that the serendipitous remove before flight banner has gotten more attention than the tray.
That one is not in use but yeah I use them anywhere I need to remove something (usually a pin) before use.

It might be quite amusing to run the camera around the lair and then do a AMA. (ask me anything)


At Beech Aircraft they hooked some strips to the under-wing tie downs.
While we were scurrying around verifying wiring, I caught one of those tie downs that did not have one,
Ended up at the nurse for stitches. Can’t beat the bleeding head wounds to get people into a panic.

Nice practical cut @markevans36301


Sorry 'bout that man. :roll_eyes: I couldn’t help myself, brought me back.

I have always enjoyed checking out other’s work areas in the pictures. Particularly the bench surfaces that bear the scars that are paint, glue and saw marks of creative endevor.
You have a very organized area, I really like the way you have used the laser to that end.


Yup, just like quicksand, I struggle but in the end, I sink. Any illusion that this is organized is just good camera angles.

And no problem about the rbf flag, it has been amusing to see how many people recognized it.


Love these practical projects! :clap:

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On a hunch I went and looked at my solder stuff. Found the box without much trouble and after digging around in it awhile, I am pretty sure it is all there.
Not even going to put organizing it all on a to do list. You got me flat out beat in that regard.
I did marker a label on the box before i re-shelved it, so thanks for that, heh heh…


Do it! We’ve had a couple of good lair tours. I love seeing workspaces (and sometimes borrowing ideas from them). This was mine: Lab Tour May 2021 - YouTube

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I don’t know if I can bare to after that . You literally have a nicer hobby lab than any I have worked in. Do you have a reflow oven?

I don’t. I found for almost any surface mount stuff I’ve had to do, I can use a regular soldering iron and/or hot air. I did pick up a cheap hot plate for speculative future use, and I’ve still got our old toaster oven in storage in case I try to convert it some day.