Solid smoke?


And discuss :metal:




It’s light, it’s awesome, it’s useful, and you can make it yourself:

what more is there to say?


It can be pretty too:
(his “nimbus” works")


Incredibly hazardous and tedious/time consuming to make, plus all the hazardous waste to deal with. This is a terrible Wikihow. Leave the aerogel making to the pros. It is very cool stuff, but what use do you have for it? Just sayin’. - Rich


Spoken like a true safety guy.
You wouldn’t guess it from my behavior or scars, but I was once a jobsite safety guy for an engineering contractor.
I think the OSHA updates for lead exposure measured about 6 inches thick, and kept coming.

The aerogel is amazing stuff!


I just was thinking it might be a cool thing to introduce to a laser :japanese_ogre:


You should ask to see my “Playing with Dragons” story sometime, about my adventures with electric cars and batteries. - Rich


Lasers are incredibly hazardous, time consuming to create designs for and generate some noxious and hazardous smoke. :grinning:

This is a big group of grown-ups looking to do interesting and new things. Tons of the other technologies people here use are similar - sharp cutting instruments, CNC mills, etc.

Every dangerous thing is not a reason to avoid using it. :grinning:

(& I’m from the risk management industry)


I agree. My work with electric cars is proof of that. However, I wouldn’t equate that or using a GF with messing with the chemicals used to make aerogel, and the legal disposal of them. Most people, even the esteemed people on this forum (that I have the utmost respect for), don’t have enough knowledge to make aerogel safely and dispose of the hazardous waste. As always, I am not trying to stifle anyone’s creative desires. I am just urging a look at the realities of doing it. Sorry for the long winded reply. - Rich


That’s what you do man, so that’s the first thing you see. :wink:
I bet your wife has learned how to behave in the kitchen!

My good sense usually kicks in just before the tool hits the work. "Wait a minute…"
Good thing my eyes went bad, now I have “safety” glasses on all the time!
(Ok yes I know - but they are safer than they used to be.) I would normally just tilt my head out of the plane of rotation and squint…:slight_smile:


The closest thing I’ve seen to solid smoke was when my sister made smoke flavored ice cream using liquid smoke. It was not the best ice cream.


35 years…we have an agreement. She cooks, I clean, and we don’t make comments about how the other does their job. :grin: - Rich


Reading through that wiki, I wouldn’t touch it with a 10ft pole. Making Opal with silane is safer than this…might as well post how to make stuff that sends the atf and FBI to your door…


I’ll let Cody Reeder from Cody’sLab on YouTube test this out. If he does it, then maybe I’d consider it as remotely doable in the home.


I have been wanting to make an aerogel out of an aerospace polymer for use in stopping runaway semis. I envision a 10’ X 10’ X 10’ cube weighing a few pounds, but anchored to the ground with a 30’ sandtrap in front.


I subscribe to Cody’s channel but the guy is seriously “bent” when it comes to his own health and safety. I, for one, would not but bare hands into mercury or deliberately drink any cyanide, sub 50/50 concentration or not. On the other hand, I really like his mining adventures/opportunities/dilemmas.


gotta admit, when I saw Solid Smoke, my first thought was to use cotton balls dyed Grey.


I wanna catch space dust with it!


I may try to catch some photons :grimacing: