Solution for Smoke Leak?

Since day one smoke has been leaking out from under the front of the lid. I tried everything: inline blower-fans to help suck air through the hose. More, bigger, and thoroughly over-powered blower fans to help with air flow… The official Glow Forge Air Filter. And still, smoke was leaking out from the font of the machine.

A friend suggested that maybe the fan on the exhaust port of the glowforge is blocking air, rather than helping push it out. Removing the fan would create a larger exhaust, and allow for improved airflow.

Removing the fan seems to have solved the problem. Has anyone else has a similar experience?

I experienced this when the fan grill in back where the duct connects was blocked by debris. Pull the duct off and check that the grill isn’t clogged.
By design the exhaust fan moves more CFM than the intake so there should be a negative pressure inside the machine.