Solved! Inkscape to the rescue of PLA Puzzle with the Glowforge

Moral of the story… Never give up! :sweat_smile:


That’ll teach you to make sure you’ve cut through before moving your piece!

and wow, the difficulty in a puzzle where you can’t tell front from back, except maybe by the slight bump on the edges on the top is…more than my brain wants to contemplate!

Pretty though :smiley:

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So true! I am going to be happy to let the students have the first shot. I guess I could let them get a view of it together from the video. That might be a big help.

I am hoping to get the process nailed down so it is a 1 or 2mm thick slab of pla. That would be easier to cut and still fun to fiddle with.

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Very neat … wonder what other things you could come up with for the melted pla. Hmmm.

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I have noticed that is pretty sturdy… I’m also fiddling with a way to press the melted pla flat… :+1:

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