Some advice in getting help with customer support

I’m looking for advice in speeding up the response time from customer support. I’ve been reading enough to know that by posting this in the Problems and Support category that I will open a duplicate ticket and possibly create more work because of duplicate tickets.

Last Wednesday evening I received a new Glowforge Pro but unfortunately it was pretty damaged during shipping. I understand that things happen when shipping such a heavy item and I opened a support ticket to get the replacement process started.

Within a few hours Michael.b from support responded with an apology about the issue and that he would be sending me an email shortly about replacing the unit. I was happy with his quick response and awaiting his email.

By the next evening I had not seen an email. I went through all emails in junk/spam and could not find anything. I decided to private message Michael.b and he responded promptly letting me know he did send an email but I apparently didn’t receive it. He apologized and wanted some info before the replacement could happen. He wanted email address, order #, shipping address and mentioned once I sent this to him he would get the process rolling and send out the FedEx shipping label.

I responded to him right away with all the info he asked for. He did not acknowledge receiving my info and I did not receive a FedEx label.

Saturday evening a sent a private message to him asking if he sent the FedEx label but have never received a response. Thinking Michael.b might have gone on vacation I decided to email support on Monday asking for help,

On Tuesday I received an email from Shea saying that Michael had asked her to assist me with my replacement and she apologized for the delay and were “working to get things squared away” and that she would”follow up shortly with shipping labels and next steps.”

I responded on Tuesday by asking her some questions about how and when the return would take place and as of Wednesday night no response.

I understand things get broken during shipping, I understand they are under a heavy workload and may be understaffed. I understand the ongoing pandemic and global material shortages which our events out of anyone’s control. My main concern is a week after receiving a damaged machine a can’t even get a FedEx shipping label sent to me and in three different correspondences I’ve been told someone will be reaching out to me shortly only to be disappointed.

I’m sure once I have the unit I will love it, especially with all the community support that I see.

Long, long story short is I just want a return shipping label and info on when a replacement unit will be sent. Any other business it would be a 15 minute process and yet a week later I am not one bit closer than when it arrived damaged.

Any tips/tricks/advice for me would be welcomed. Thanks in advance.

Support does not generate labels, ship machines, or have any knowledge of when any of those things will happen (i.e. stock levels, machine production dates, etc.)

They use a third-party logistics company to assemble and repair machines, stock and ship parts, etc. That company also has to generate shipping labels.

It appears from the history here that the communication between that company and Glowforge staff is worse than between owners and Glowforge support.

There doesn’t appear to be any practical way to expedite this process.


Thanks for your response.

I received information on the replacement machine as well as a return shipping label late last evening. They had overlooked my reply with the original order number and shipping address.

Looks like I’m back on track.


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