Some Arkham Horror gaming with a Glowforge

I finally sat down to play some more Arkham Horror with components all made on the :glowforge:

Player Dashboard:

Location Pointers:



Looks like a fun game with all the cool accessories. :grinning:

It’s very Lovcraftian and dark in theme :slight_smile:
With lots and lots of expansion packs (think Magic the Gathering card game)

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Wow you’ve really gone to town on it!!

I’ve made an organiser for my Eldritch Horror so I can just unpack and play, but never thought to remake all the tokens too.

Oh, very cool. I was very confused at first, expecting to see Arkham Horror and not seeing the board. But, of course, you are playing Arkham Horror: the Card Game.

You should post your EH plans! My collection has out grown my 3rd party organizer and it’s time to design something new.

FYI it’s against forum rules to ask people to share their designs. :slight_smile:

I’ll be sharing software from time to time (i’ve already got a few inkscape plugins people can download) but a lot of things I design will be for sale so I won’t be sharing designs.

That said, people are welcome to steal any ideas I post.


Did not know that!

Of course, technically, I didn’t ask him to share. I gave him a moral imperative to share. It’s completely different :stuck_out_tongue: