Some art I have made on the glowforge



I have made a series of small shaped paintings and standing mobiles with my glowforge.


Lovely! (Really like that second fish.) :grinning:




Yeah! :slight_smile:


love it. some inspirational stuff there.


Thanks for all the nice comments!
I will try to post the rest of the pieces in the show in a few days, as well as some more details about materials and construction.


Very nice designs…they have a Native American edge to them


Nice work! The stand off in the shadow box display works great too.


Really enjoy your style. Intricate but kind of free flowing (that makes sense to me; I’m no poet). Please keep sharing!


The standoff was the real breakthrough as I was very unsatisfied with the idea of these just being rectangular paintings. With the standoffs they became display cases with painted sculptures inside, like an insect display case.


Several of them seem to have some kind of unintentional specific ethnicity. It is always interesting to see what they will become when im making them. I have done different versions, painting the same shape differently, and it is surprising how much they can change.


Wow, love your work, the framed work resonates with something in me. Thanks for sharing your wonderful artistry.