Some backlit wall art

I experimented with using micro led lights (powered by 2 single watch batteries) as an adornment and backlighting for some custom gifts for friends. The antler turned out great, as the original one on my friend’s wall is wrapped in christmas lights.

I’m really happy with the lighting on Tom Waits silhouette (lights epoxied to the back):


Oh! Lovely effect! :grinning:


Particularly like the Tom Waits project!


Very nice! Id like to try that myself.

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Oooooooo. Aaaaah…I love them both!!:heart_eyes:

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Very cool effect! Did you just use a single piece of material and cut out the silhouettes? I really enjoy the way you wrapped the “antlers” so during the day they have an extra flair :smiley:

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This is a different way of lighting. What do you use to hold the watch batteries in place.

I think the difference between Tom unlit and lit is really stunning!! Well done!! Where did you get the mini lights? Are they all connected so you can switch on the whole frame with one button?


Projects with lights always give so much wow! These are both great!

Yep, just one piece of material. Measured some frames I found at Goodwill and sized them to those.

I just bought strings of micro LEDs off Amazon (they’re like $8 for a 4 pack). The battery packs and the light string itself on Tom Waits are held by some quick setting epoxy.

Really like this. Subject matter is also excellent!

What are the size of the artwork? Very cool! Is that proofgrade wood?

Yep, proofgrade walnut plywood. They’re about 8x10