Some Christmas projects


I’ve been cranking away at some gift items and tags/decor for this year’s Christmas celebration and thought I’d share a few of them:

From top left it’s: edge lit votive lights for the church choir members, shaker tags (cut tags and embellishments on laser), deer and moose heads for package decoration, acrylic ornaments for members of one of the bands we play at nursing homes with, and more (easier to make!) tags. These have patterned paper sandwiched between two laser cut layers.

I also made some puzzle kits ( from @ian’s designs) packaged with a brush and little pots of paint so the giftee can paint them. And more acrylic ornaments. And a special box for my husband. And a whole stack of 35 Christmas cards made from that letterpress board I made awhile back. There’s probably more that I’m forgetting.

Close ups of the items:


It’s so amazing to see all the goodies that can be created.


Oh I love the tags and the little boxes! (Do you have a light source in those? Are they edge lit?) :grinning:


Yes, they are edge lit using battery operated LED votives.


Fabulous idea! (Going to have to borrow it for next year…this year is going to be out of whack.) :grinning:


I love the wildlife cutouts. Are they your own design, or could you point me in the right direction?


The reindeer head file (I miscalled it a moose) came from Thingiverse, and the full body reindeer were provided by @jamesdhatch in this posting.


These are outstanding!


Ah, these are all so great! I think the last one is my favorite.


Christmas elegance. Very nice


One second, let me pick my jaw off the floor. These are all outstanding! I am always impressed by the amount of detail you put into your projects.


Am sitting at the eye doctor, can’t make out the photo that well, but what I can see looks great. Am bookmarking this to come back later with my glasses on and eyes not dilated :slight_smile:


I am amazed by the sheer quantity of things you just made…not to even mention the craftsmanship involved and the classy good taste you have. They all look wonderful!


Wow, these are great!


I’m so far behind here in the forums!
Those all look amazing!
On the subject of St Michael, I just watched a documentary on Mont-Saint-Michel in Northern France the other day. It aired on BBC America.
Very well done and fascinating.