Some Christmas tree decorations


Here are some Christmas tree decorations I’ve been working on. Mostly :proofgrade:


They look great! I especially like the two layered acrylic one.


Yep! Me too! Is that an inset? :grinning:


They look great! I love the layered one also!

Hmmm … how about some frosted acrylic snowflakes? (Putting that on my list!) :grinning: Taking out a loan to be ready for Glowforge. :rofl: (kidding mostly)


I am going to have to figure out to make the Auburn one. My step son’s wife is an Auburn fanatic. I want to make all of them. :smiley:


That is painted but I just might have to work it out as insets.


Yes! and maybe some mirrored things? Our imagination is the primary limiter.


Oh yes!! Mirrors on a Christmas tree would be beautiful!


As much as I love :proofgrade: it looks like I’m going to have to get up an inventables order.


Awesome! Great job trying out different types of materials. I’ll be waiting to see a picture of your tree in a couple months. :slight_smile:


Wow. I would have never guessed. VERY nice!