Some engravings of photos and drawings



I’ll like to share with you some works of engraving of photos and drawings in various materials. The engraving quality of Glowforge is excellent. Thanks to the other users who have shared ideas like this that have been of great inspiration.


Wow, those are all great! :grinning:


The colored pencil drawing came out great on the wood. Nicely done!


Some nice projects you’ve got there!


Nice variety of projects … And all excellent!


Very nice, still loving the parrot.


I included the original file in case you want to copy it and engrave it on a tile or whatever you like. :grinning::+1:


Many thanks and I will take you up on the offer. This is your nephews work? And you are my neighbor in PR?


Si el dibujo es de mi sobrino. No tengo problema si usted lo graba para su uso personal. Soy de Guayama, PR. :+1:
Yes, the drawing is of my nephew. I have no problem if you record it for your personal use. I’m from Guayama, PR.


Thanks! While my best friend (as are most of my friends) are of Puerto Rican descent, sadly I don’t speak Spanish unless you’re cursing me out :rofl:

How are you fairing? I know what we’re still going thru in St. Croix from Maria. Nice to have another :glowforge: er (?) nearby.


:grin:Excuse me for the Spanish. My English is not so good and at first I thought you were from PR and that’s why I wrote you in Spanish. Then I realized that you were from St. Croix and I edited the post. I only wrote the same in Spanish and English and I’m not cursing you.:joy:
Where I live things are pretty good already but on the island there are some people without electric service. Actually the most bad thing at this moment for me are the roads. They are like taking a trip to the moon but other than that almost everything has returned to normal.
My problem was when I received the Glowforge in November that there was no internet and I was almost 3 months without being able to use it.
I hope everything goes back to normal where you live.:+1: