Some First Day Projects


My Glowforge arrived Wednesday, but I wasn’t able to get it set up, named (“Rule 10600”), vented and usable until this afternoon.

There’s not a lot of space in the home office, so the Glowforge is on a rolling cart I scored from a school surplus sale. I can scoot it out when I need to get into the file cabinet beside it. The cart used to be a charging station for laptop computers, and features loads of dividers for different materials. The depth is a perfect 20" for Proofgrade materials.

Enough of the equipment, let’s start making! I’ll skip sharing the ubiquitous ruler that was my first cut, and jump right to project two: a Space Shuttle Christmas ornament I designed. This is made with Inventables two-tone acrylic.

Next up was an inlay attempt in Proofgrade walnut & maple. Who can recognize the airport? Total size was 6"x6". Picking the tiny pieces was a headache, so the next one will probably be about twice the size.

We’re four weeks into the school year and my partner still doesn’t have a sign for her office door, so I whipped one out in Proofgrade maple ply:

After that I made a fridge magnet I sell that that I used to have to send out for cutting. Total size is around 1.5" across, made out of bamboo plywood scrap. I’m looking forward to being able to rapidly customize these with different locations for the heart.

Then my son and I tried out the trace function with him making a magnet (again in bamboo ply) for his mom:

All this and there’s still 4.5 hours still left in the day! What’s next?


I’d say you hit the ground running! Great job!


I did have a few weeks (coughonehundredandthreecough) to get ready. :wink:


Remember you have catalog credit! I’ve only purchased one -the votive holder. But, the design behind it is fantastic. It will quite possibly give you ideas for how to make future designs.


Super-fun first jobs!
Really love the trace!!!


Woo Washington! I just moved from Vancouver (WA) to the Tri-Cities :slight_smile:
Great job on your first designs! I especially like the Space Shuttle.


Some great first projects! Nice to see you knock so many out on your first go!


PDX @nathan_p That was an easy one!


Great fit on that cart. Really like the shuttle ornament!


Awesome job! I love all your projects!


Welcome! So many awesome first projects. The laptop cart is perfect for storing materials. Can’t wait to see what you make next!