Some first projects!

Here are just a few of the things I’ve been cranking out.

A quick sign for Oktoberfest (not my art) to go with the coffee cake (my cake) Proofgrade maple ply

A set of goofy looking sunglasses (not shown the ones I printed at 4x scale) proofgrade maple ply and clear blue acrylic

The evolving minimalist wallet design I’m working on, edition 3 is already drawn up :slight_smile:! Left one is slightly wrinkled because I tried to soak the leather to get the charring off. Baked leather smells awful. 4oz veg tanned sheep skin from tandy leather using proofgrade leather settings. IMG-1671 (2)

edit: fixed image links
Edit edit: took out part of my address :stuck_out_tongue:


The cake looks great … as does the sign!


Nice! The cake is proofgrade?


You may want to crop those photos…or redact your address on the capital one statement.


Now I’m Hungry! The cake and sign look great. The glasses are cool and I can’t wait to see the wallet v3.