Some Gluing Tips

I use wood glue on my projects made of wood. I have recently found a nice easy way to accurately glue in tight spaces with a minimum amount of mess.

I got these at Amazon. They are large enough to be easy to fill plus the glue doesn’t harden in the tube. Just make sure you keep a straight pin in the tip when not in use.
BSTEAN 10ml Syringes 14Ga 1.5 Inch Blunt Tip Needle Storage Caps - Glue Applicator, Oil Dispensing (Pack of 10): AmazonSmile: Industrial & Scientific

I use standard wood glue that I get from Home Depot or Lowes.

The glue is easy to meter out of the tip and easy to control.


For crossreferencing, I love these bottles:

I keep four of them on my bench at all times: wood glue, white PVA glue, water, and denatured alcohol. I color coded them with tape so I know which is which with water/alcohol.

Your syringe is a pretty good solution too, I may need to try that.


i have those little bottles @evansd2 mentioned as well as one of these:

lays down a little more glue at a time (and holds more), but still in a controlled manner.


Well those posts make me feel stupid. I have the syringes and I have the tightbond , and never thought to put them together.


Don’t feel bad, I just did it myself. Makes gluing easier, faster and neater. Plus the glue keeps in the syringe.


I use those bottles for the liquid glue for my acrylic…works great!


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