Some help purchasing laser goggles


As I’m getting the Pro, I know I need to pick up some laser-safe goggles. I’ve looked online and there seems to be a huge variety of glasses and costs.I found these ones online, and they seem to fit the bill, but I was hoping someone with more knowledge on the matter could let me know if these are a good purchase. Until I found these ones the pair I was looking at were $100 more expensive.



Those should be fine. They’re for CO2 lasers, which is what this is. :slight_smile:


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I went for higher optical density (OD7+) and CE certified: They were very expensive but nothing compared with the Glowforge shipping cost even. Probably over the top but as Glowforge offer no guidance I thought I would play safe.

I also got a second pair for LED laser frequencies as I have a couple of LED lasers to play with.


Those are nice ones! I went about halfway between the two, but I’ve got a Basic, so probably don’t need them anyway.


No you shouldn’t need them for the basic unless you want to defeat the interlocks and run it with the doors open.


Yeah, those ones from Thor Labs were the ones I was looking at before I found these. That’s why I was asking, because I sure wouldn’t complain about spending over $100 less on these if I can safely do so…


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I like the style of those goggles, but GOOD GOD Amazon… $30 USD with $28 shipping to Canada?!?


You need something that protects at the 10,600nm wavelength.


True enough… I was looking at the visible wavelength, not CO2. My bad.
Ignore the previous, but I found these… They even have kid’s size!


Be careful with that outfit…I sent them an order that they never filled and never responded to. :unamused:


Shouldn’t be a problem. Interestingly enough those are the exact same glasses from the same site, I ordered a year ago. They arrived before last Christmas.


I ordered back in April. Tried to contact them a couple of times…never got a response. So I ordered a pair from Amazon. They must have lost the order or something.


I never noticed that one! Lol


Basically acrylic goggles. The reason we can cut acrylic (and most plastics) is because it absorbs CO2 wavelength so well. And at most some may get diffuse reflection of the laser, a tiny percentage of the beam. You will not damage the laser safe goggles ever, but your eyes could be without the goggles. - Rich