Some interesting gears


These mechanical movement things were interesting and figured some of you would enjoy


Neat!! Thanks!


WOW! These are amazing.


cross reference to my post in December.
Check out this outstanding design - Organic Motion Sculpture.
This may be the way to get ideas to design your own.


Love it!


Lots of animated mechanism ideas here:

though I have the feeling the link has been suggested here before.


These are some great references. I’ve been playing around with some motion related designs lately after seeing some of Bob Potts stuff.

My biggest problem is i can’t figure out the best way to design them. Currently i use Illustrator mostly but with no way to test the motion it becomes really hard to design something.
Does anyone know if Fusion allows you to simulate gears?



This finally convinced me to install Fusion 360. To have access to a library of parts like that is amazing. I have done Sketchup warehouse, but it’s hit or miss. Might as well start now.


Perfect, this is exactly what i was looking for.


Also: for those that like OnShape :slight_smile:


hehe… cool. i can dig it. thanks!