Some logo signs for parking day

My company is putting together a parklet for Parking Day next week. sadly, i will be out of town (not as sad: i will be on vacation at the beach). But i’m working to help make it a fun event.

We’re partnering with the local animal welfare league. Setting up a small park where AWLA staff will do some behavioral training demonstrations and just let people pet dogs. We have recycled turf from Synlawn that was part of a summer exhibition at the National Building Museum to be ground cover, we’re making fencing with used pallets (which I snagged from the local Pelleton warehouse), and, of course, there need to be a couple of signs with our logo and the animal welfare league of arlington’s logo.

keeping in the them of raw wood, i grabbed a few pieces of BB, painted one 12x12 sheet black for our logo and spray painted one 12x20 sheet with a gradient from teal to geen for their logo (damn gradient logos), and then took a second similar sized sheet and knocked out our logo and theirs to go on top. so still nice raw wood, but with a little dimension and some color. These will get screwed to the outside of the pallet fence on the sidewalk side.



I’m bettin’ the AWL is gonna want to take that sign home so you should let whomever is gonna be there know whether or not they can so you don’t get text on the beach :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice signs. Enjoy the beach.


oh, they’re getting everything and anything they want from the display. even though we said we needed a 10x20 piece of turf, the building museum gave me two 15x20 pieces. so they’re getting a free sign, lots of free turf, a couple of benches and riser to take back.


For some reason, that bunny rabbit just seems to make that sign pop :slight_smile:

Your layered technique isn’t used enough for the effect that it produces. Just looks really good.


thanks. i’d like to say i did the 3 animal part of the logo, i think it works well, but it was someone else.

it’s funny, i wouldn’t normally do the layering this way, but when we decided we wanted the raw wood to be dominant for the sign to match the pallet fence, and i started thinking about how to get that gradient from teal to green, i realized that it was going to be easier to get the proper gradient on the solid piece of wood underneath. and afterward, i agree that it’s kind of interestingly different to essentially deboss like this.

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I predict this is going to be a popular sign technique now. The signs look so professional and elegant! The gradient came out great too.


I think you mean “hop.”

Thank you, I’ll be here all week.


These turned out great, love the gradient color!

Hop? It was eaten by a rabbit, its hopping days are over. That the cat was eaten by the dog is just fair play.

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it’s a docabit.


That is great. I love that blue against the woodgrain. Really nice work!

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