Some more on slicing

I think I’m close. I’ve been experimenting with Slic3r’s “slice to SVG” function, and it usually works. But it doesn’t produce any layers that Inkscape recognizes. Until you insert some magic incantations in the file.

For each layer that Slic3r produces (which looks in the file like <g id=“layerNNN” …> you have to add inkscape:groupmode=“layer” and then inkscape:label=“layerNNN” (or whatever other ID you want for the label.)

Also, Slic3r is producing files for resin printers, so the polygons are all fill and no stroke. You have to change that to stroke, no fill.

That can be done manually in Inkscape or (I think) automagically by adding yet another line of the form style=“fill:none;stroke:#000000”> to each layer (aka group). What I’m working on now is a way to do this all in some kind of code, and to increment those color numbers so we can control the cutting.

Backup plan is Openscad, where I’ve figured out how to lay slices out in an array with code that looks like this:

_ translate([300floor(i/30),200(i%30)])difference(){_
_ import(“67P-Churyumov-Gerasimenko.stl”);_


Now this sounds like something fun that I hadn’t thought about.
So Slic3r can slice to SVG … ?
This opens a lot of new options.

I’ll keep following this :smiley:

Yeah, it’s a separate process from all the regular plating and slicing, but you can do it. I can’t remember if it has thickness options or if you just scale the model to fool it…