Some nice designs to spark the creative flame



Some very nice designs (art-work wise). Small little web site, great ideas. I know the bat isn’t doable with a lathe (and deeper bed), but I love the look. Funny, but the thing I think I liked the most on the site was the maple dice.



Love the bat! :slight_smile:


Notice the “dice” aren’t finger jointed. They appear to have very nicely cut 45s on the top piece with the line for assembly in the dark perimeter etch/groove. - Rich


Yea, a lot of the descriptions on the site refer to laser etching and engraving panels, but then a more conventional assembly.


maybe a small bat (smaller than 2"), you could engrave it

or a keychain baseball bat :slight_smile:


Pre-cut wooden cubes, lasered on each side would be easier and probably more “professional” than cutting out six sides and assembling the die - although those are kewl. Some dollar store finds were 10 pack of alphabet blocks ( painted on) that could be sanded down to nice cubes then lasered. At 10 cents a cube, not too bad.

The jenga set was also a 99cent store find. For weddings these would both be unique things to make for the reception. Or imagine wedding invites lasered on a wooden cube ( don’t know if I’ve seen that but I like the idea!!). Merlin and Peanut photo-bombed the pic…
Oh the Jenga set could also be lasered for party game versions or again wedding invites or mementos. for a buck there are lots of ideas for just these 2 items. I’ve been doing some serious hoarding waiting for my Glowforge, IKEA finds, dollar store finds, thrift store finds, yard sales, dumpsters… ( d**m you imagination and Pinterest.) :blush:


Oh squeeee. (puppies)


once your glowforge comes, you will have to remember WHAT you were going to do with those pieces you’ve saved. At least, that is going to be my problem (What is this random piece of X supposed to be used for?)


@kennethclapp Really cool pics. Love the site.


Hm I got one of those floating around somewhere. …:slight_smile: was some promo at work…now I need to dig it up as laser engrave updating it would be pretty nifty


Nah, Those dice are just solid blocks etched on all faces