Some Plane and simple designs

I’d done some airplane designs for cutting out of corrugated cardboard and wanted to make them available :slight_smile: Hopefully pasting them here works.
zero fighter 1 p51 mustang model 1b sturmovik model 1b b-17 model Messerschmitt Bf 109Z-1


These look good. Sadly the paste of the images doesn’t really help, you need to use the “upload” option to add you original file.

EDIT: Correction they do work fine. Sorry, I must have had a brainstorm! :crazy_face:

They’re working for me, @sqw. What are you seeing?

Yup… Four SVG files.

Thank you. These look like fun!

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good looking ! the grand-kid will love. how do they fly

I’m guessing “briefly”


I got 5.

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Thanks for the share. These are really nice.

Lol… I had to edit because the first time I only had 3, then checked and there were 4, now there are indeed 5.

Discourse does some crazy stuff with images at times (and I have 1Gbps broadband)…

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I did get 5 files but are there actually 6 planes? I counted that many fuselages?

any chance you could make this a zip file i’m having issues with saving it. it cuts out some of the details.

They’ll open fine in your design program. They just look cut off because they overlap the edges of the workspace.

The Messerschmit is a dual fuselage plane which is why you counted one extra :slight_smile: (1.2 MB)



What settings do you use I’ve never tried to cut cardboard

We can only discuss non Proofgrade material settings in the Beyond the Manual section. If you search “cardboard” you will find many posts.

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Awesome Thanks!!!