Some Q&D furniture models

Here is a chair and a couple of candidates for our new entertainment center. It is all pretty quick and dirty, CA glue on 3mm birch ply and cardboard, but pretty satisfying to see and handle.
I basically figure out the shapes on paper roughly and then in illustrator I get everything fitting and level, and then I send a pdf to the glowforge.


Very futuristic designs! :sunglasses::+1:


Sort of retrofuturism. I am a big fan of mid-century furniture design, especially the atomic age aesthetic. I am curious to see if I like them as much in full size.
It sure would be handy if I could fit an 8x4’ plywood panel in the glowforge.
I have my eye on the Maslow CNC, or maybe the Shaper Origin if I get a windfall.


It does look like something out of “The Jetsons.” Very cool design!


Wonderful designs!

I just got a Shaper Origin, with the same idea in mind - scale models in GlowForge, then full size size using Shaper Origin. I also backed Maslow - the idea of the hanging CNC router is interesting, and the price is right, but the positioning is not precise enough for (for example) precise tab fitting. One thing about the Shaper Origin - it really is much more like a hand tool than a CNC router, in that you have to physically move it, though of course the CNC control makes the cuts far more precise than I can do by hand. Which makes me wonder if it might make sense to combine the two ideas - imagine using the Maslow mechanism to move the Shaper Origin around, with the Shaper providing the precise placement.


For doing large pieces the Shaper Origin seems like it would be usable but awkward, and not very good for production of large things. I wonder if you could have it on a little self driven sled with omniwheels that would let it go any direction, and then the servos could improve the accuracy of the wheeled movement.
What I really want is a combination of the Glowforge and the Shaper that could cut an unlimited size. The idea that the workpiece should have to fit inside the box is kind of crazy. Maybe a box without a bottom that can be slid over a workpiece if it is too big to fit inside.

They don’t have a “jaw drop” emoji to clearly express how awesome that is. Awesome!



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