Some signs I made for halloween and other times

Thought people might like these sign designs I have made over the years. Some are street signs from steven king books, some are are inspired by Alive in wonderland and I made my own version of the overlook hotel elevator sign.

Doesn’t look like I took photos of these when they were completed either…

For the street signs I just used chipboard, painted it white and then cut it out on the laser and burned the letters in. Looked pretty good. The alice signs I used 1/8th plywood and painted them lots of fun colors and then cut in the writting, also turned out fairly well.

Overlook hotel I cut that out from plywood as well and I think I made that one white as well.


Overlook hotel
steven king - aigns
steven king - signs 2
this way - signs 1
this way - signs 2
this way - signs 3
this way - signs 4


Thank you. These are fun.


Thanks for the share. Love these!!


These are super fun! Thank you!


Thanks! I love the street signs.

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Very cool!

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Welcome to the community @hernandez.eder!

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Thank you! These are going to be fun for our next Girl Scout camp out!

thank you very much!

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I love the Alice in Wonderland ones.