Some tap handles

A friend of mine owns a brewery and just ordered a dozen tap handles, with very few requirements. What do yall think of these? Still waiting on hardware. But I’ll add more pictures of them when they’re done/pouring beers at bars in the southeast!

Cut and engraved 1" balsa with GF pro. Finished with min wax stains and polyurethane.


very nicely done. The two things coming to my mind if I was doing anything else on these - can you do a router round-over on the edges to give a smoother grip for usability? (hard to tell from picture on that), and would be interesting to do a color resin fill in the company logo - something would make it really pop visually.


Oh I like these! Very well done

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That’s great. Have made hundreds of tap handles for my local brewery. They self distribute their beer across the state. I don’t have to do much but it easily paid for my GF. The brewery gives me three sided blank maple tap handles and I engrave the logo, beer name, and beer type on the three sides.


In my state breweries are required to use a distribution company, but I’m thinking that might help get some other breweries order some maybe.

In WV you can choose to self distribute but only inside the state. If you use a distributor you can’t self distribute.

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Came out great and should be a huge hit.

My mind went sideways for some reason on this title and I was wondering what you could possibly be making tap handles out of that would take the strain of thread making.


I am not a beer aficionado but I do love these. Very cool.

My only experience with balsa was the toy planes we used to get at the 7-11. Will those be durable enough for tap handles? I may have to reconsider uses for balsa now.

I do the same everytime folks talk about routers.

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Good job!