Some things I made this week

Here are a couple of things I made this week for friends etc.

The first is a logo for my friend who makes amazing clothing and wigs, cloverly designs.
Engraved, then ran a light cut operation to darken the borders of the engraving.

This one is a belt buckle for mccree from overwatch for another friend who is doing a mccree cosplay. It was more for fun, as he is getting a resin cast 3d piece instead of 2.5d. I engraved it first, then did a light cut to outline the engrave.

Same thing with this one, but I did a few passes on the engrave to get some more depth. Then I outlined with a light cut.


The second one looks like it was shot in black and white.
Is it some white wood or…or… I don’t know, but looks really interesting.

That’s something variable focus on the GF should help with - have the engrave not just a different power & speed but also focus depth. It will cut some more manual steps out of some projects. (I could really use it now - I’m doing 50 LED lit acrylic signs for a submarine crew association reunion and I have different engraves at different depths as they overlap and I want each one to show without wiping out/cutting thru the other.)


the autofocus will be nice. Cant say im not excited for that. I had to make multiple passes because this laser doesnt engrave very deeply. I wanted the letters to stand out, so I did like 3 engrave passes. If I would have upped the power it would have started to burn, and I really wanted to avoid that.


VERY nice job! You are really getting some great experience with the beast. I especially like the wooden engraved one.

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I love the Cloverly sign. It’s a great laser adaptation of the existing logo. I like the way you pushed out the background around all of the elements including the swirl of the Y.


Wonderful! I love the Cloverly piece especially. You’re making me rethink a project or two. :smiley:

@johnwills, @cynd11 thanks!

@vettha do share! Id love to see what youve done and how youd change it


I really like the way that everything stands out. The tip about cutting around the design after cutting the background is great. I love to hear little tidbits like that. Some of the smallest things can make such a big difference. Your work looks outstanding. :relaxed:


Thanks @davidgal2! It really does make a big difference. On the foam it tends to slope up to the edge of the engrave a bit, so there it will make a clean cut to separate those two a bit. On some woods there might not be enough contrast, so running a quick hot pass around the edge will just darken it up a bit. I usually have to make a separate file in order to accomplish this. I take the original cut file (which is just b&w), and select all the white, expand the selection by 2px (at 300dpi), and it ends up cutting right down the edge.


These are FANTASTIC! You made them with the 40 watt laser?

Thanks so much for posting your work.


Magnificent work! I can see you’ve worked a lot with the material to really squeeze out the last bits of artistic expression from the medium. There’s a lot of subtlety there in your engraving work. Nice.


Is there any connection between Cloverly and Cleverly? I hadn’t noticed either before this post, but a friend posted a video from this Facebook page and I noticed the logos/names are similar…

Not that I’m aware of.

@rebecca & @dan thanks guys! (p.s first time working with poplar ;P)


Really nice work! I like the result of the final cut pass to strengthen the edges!


I did a McCree cosplay last year, I hope your friends version turns out great!

That Cloverly engraving really stands out beautifully! The idea to do an outline is something I need to remember for future ref.

Very nice, turned out great!