Some very useful Illustrator scripts



Hey folks–I’ve been recently using a few Illustrator scripts (aics_scripts_en) that have turned out to be very useful for a project I’m working on. Thought you might want to check them out:

They work great on my old (CS5) version of Illustrator. I especially like the Round Any Corner (works much better than the Illustrator built in one) and the Divide (length) one, which divides any line into however many equal segments you need.

Check 'em out!


Cool! I’ll have to check those out when I get downstairs! :grinning:


In general I am not l jealous of illustrator, but tangents from a point looks sweeeet.




Yep, that’s got some really useful little tricks! :sunglasses::+1:


You’re more AI hero right now. I spent a good 5 hours yesterday going down plugin rabbit holes for AI (specifically something like the box plugins for Inkscape). I’ll have to try the round any corner plug, I grew reliant on a function similar in WinPC (vinyl cutting program), and wished AI had something similar. Plus anything that makes my CS5 still viable nowadays makes me happy too.


Looks like some good ones in there. Thanks for sharing!