Something fishy going on (Christmas gift)

as a follow on to my secret Santa gift post from thanks giving, this is a gift for the recipient of our hat draw

@marmak3261 thank you so much for the artwork !!!

Thick Maple plywood box
36 of each species med/18 fish, wenge, padauck, pg walnut, pg maple

if @marmak3261 provide permission I can share my SVG layout for 6x12 boards


I end up cutting more of these every time I get large enough scrap. I think I like the maple the best :slight_smile:

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Hey. I stole them from @m_raynsford and he stole them from Escher, so we are all in good company.


EscherRotaryFish 12 sets of 3 6x12 (31.6 KB)


I love this. Now I have something else to do with scrap. I was going to do a white elephant gift this year, but nobody would sell me any elephants, white or otherwise.

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