Something for Pi Day


I wanted to make a little something for everyone in the office. I came up with this…

It’s the size of a playing card. I don’t know who first suggested using Gorilla Tape for weeding, but if we ever meet, you are getting a kiss on the mouth! :kissing_heart:

If anyone is interested in the file, I posted it here:
Small Pi Day Puzzle File

Small Pi Day Puzzle

LOL, that would be Dan.


Oh shoot, you beat me to it Mark! :smile:

Looks like a fitting tribute for the day of the pi!


Somebody Mark this down! I beat Jules to the punch on something. :rofl:


Noted, not likely to happen again…


Dan will be avoiding me like the plague!


Plague?!? Who’s got the plague?!? Oh.

Nice puzzle!


Nice project!


I am just thankful I never mention gorilla tape. :slight_smile: