Something I made to make waiting more exciting

Not quite finished yet, as usual prototyping is the easy part, putting it in a nice box will probably take forever… the kind of thing a laser cutter would help with, but chicken, egg, etc.


I love this and after you have your email you can just update the code for the next highly anticipated thing!

Like all things super cool, you need to make this an instructable.


Hope it has a long enough battery life :disappointed:

I picked up a raspberry pi last week and I can draw a lot of comparisons between what I am doing and your project! I’m not notifying myself when my GF email arrives though. Mostly because I’m already glued to my phone :stuck_out_tongue:


Excellant, this fits something I have always wanted to do perfectly. Excellant job.

As cool as this is, I hope you get the email before you complete it. :wink:

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Absolutely love it.

I want one!!

Love it!