Something Special



Some of the forum regulars know that I lost my dad a couple of weeks ago. One of them did something so nice I wanted to share it. So I’m going to share the text of his private message, and hope that it doesn’t embarrass him too greatly…Kindness like this deserves recognition though…it’s rare and special.
(Thanks David.)

"The Moments in Time thread with the dead tree, as I was putting that together, I thought of you and your Father… out of the blue. I share this with you that you might see it as I did designing it.

That tree, a thing of the past - reaching through the window from the past into the present and supports the bird still… even in death.

I would very much like to gift you that file…"

When I got myself back under control, I decided to try to turn that file into something special.

I’m still waiting on some black connectors for it, because I think it will look better that way, but other than that I’m happy with the result…my first attempt at working with edge-lit acrylic.

So we do go forward. Dad would approve. And this one is for him.

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending May 20, 2017

Damn, I can barely see it due to Alabama allergies making my eyes water so badly.


(I think some of those airborne Alabama things made their way to Oregon. Doggone it.)

Jules…thank you for sharing that personal and very lovely sentiment, as well as your first edge-lit, dedicated to your father. It’s really lovely. And that David…darn him anyway…:cry: :relaxed:


Some of those allergies in Idaho too. Jules, sorry for your loss.


What a lovely tribute and lovely sentiment. Glow friends are the best.


Really nice David!!
Beautiful job Jules :slight_smile:


Amen to that. :slightly_smiling_face:


Very sorry to hear of your loss. The design, and the sharing of it, are amazing. This group really is becoming more than just a casual community.




It’s lovely and special.




:heart_eyes: I love this so much. What a wonderful tribute.


Such a soothing image and design. Very meaningful. Thanks for sharing.


Same here in Saint Paul, MN. I am very sorry for your loss.


What a great display! Did you build that base too?
Clear acrylic with a florescent green border, or two levels of clear? How did you do that? Acrylic can be magic when you feed it some photons!

I knew that tree was special since my eye first landed on it, but it’s destination wasn’t clear until recently.
:Art- the expression of spirit by means of matter.

I am honored that you chose that as your first edge lit creation, and to share the image and the special meaning it has for us with our friends here. The sentiment is true for anyone who has, or will lose someone close to them.
And to your Dad, I raise my glass. He sure knew how to raise a Daughter. Nicely Done Jules. Now it is something special. :purple_heart:


I built the base for the supplies that I had on hand - unfortunately when I purchased some advanced lighting supplies back in April of last year, I didn’t know exactly what to get, and I wound up with some white connectors instead of the black that I needed…those are on order, so I’ll rebuild that base. (It’s not glued - everything is held together by a tight snap fit, so I can change it out without damaging the main panels.)

And I had one small sheet of the transparent green, so I used it for the frame.

(I wish you could see it IRL, it looks so much better than the photos.)

And it did help with the closure, so thank you again. You’ve all been like family…no other way to describe it. :slight_smile:


A good part of my dad’s ashes went next to his father. Another good part was spread into the Puget Sound by my four brothers and I. The last portion is in a plastic baggie on a shelf in my house. When my 'forge gets here, that portion will have a fancier house.


Speechless… I send you a virtual hug :hugging:




Hugs to you Jules - and to David for his thoughtfulness.