Something to make your creations stand out!

Hi guys! I own 2 Glowforges that we usually use to burn cork coasters and trivets but we also have a large commercial printer and I have several printed wood and acrylic options if anyone is interested. I also offer an option to upload your own design for custom prints. They are all sized 20 x 12 x 1/8 and can be one or two sided.

Check out my etsy page and send me any suggestions for prints to offer. Thanks!


Thanks for sharing this. It is fun to see all the creative ways to make beautiful things with a Glowforge.

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Your store is amazing and I’m intrigued by what you have there. Nice work.

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Thanks for the share. I only have one question/concern because it’s been a popular topic. The first image in your shop states “custom printed vinyl or wood for Glowforge”. I hope that this is a typo. Vinyl is a HUGE no no for Glowforge. A one time cut will destroy your machine according to the staff. Nothing in the description says anything about vinyl. You should clear this up as it might be scaring off customers who do not want to damage their machines with anything that could possibly contain vinyl.


OMG typo for sure! Supposed to say acrylic!


I love the printed materials you show. Bookmarked your shop for future purchases!


Are you a Louisiana gal? Noticed the Fleur De Lis - I live in New Orleans!

YESSSS! I’m in Thibodaux, about 60 miles southwest of you. Small world!

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Huh! Indeed! My sister lives in Thibodaux…she teaches piano there. :slightly_smiling_face:

NO way! I know a couple of piano teachers. First name?

If ever you visit your sister, let’s get together for coffee or lunch or something!

This is very exciting. I bought some random star patterns from a different place and they made a great puzzle. Uploading my own pictures would be even cooler! Gonna have to go digging through images now :smiley:

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Sharon. (She teaches music theory to a few of the local grade schools as well. Raceland, Thibodaux, Des Allemands, Destrehan…so if you have a youngster in music they might have encountered her.) :slightly_smiling_face:

If we ever get past Covid I’ll look you up. :smile:

Ooh… I love new material options! These are fun.

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