Something you'll want to buy to use with your Glowforge


I can’t find this now…it’s been buried forever in the growing pile of forum effluvia, but @jbv threw out a suggestion for a tool a while back that I naturally jumped on, because it was a tool i didn’t have yet, and it works ex-treeeeeeeemely well.

(Good call Jesse…you’ll want to get one too now.) :wink:

This, (and the duct tape @dan …I’ve recently become a believer :relaxed:), is great for removing the itsy-bitsy bits of masking that the fancy engraves produce…




Plastic razor blades??? I saw Jesse’s post, but this little detail passed me by – “nah, that can’t be right….” :innocent:


Oh yes…and they are WONDERFUL for getting underneath the masking without scratching the finish! :grin:


Very interesting.

Does anyone know if you can use these in a normal blade holder thing, so I can buy the blades only?


I have some that slide just fine into my normal scraper and actually fit more comfortably snug.


Yeah, you can just buy the blades - they fit any standard holder. :relaxed:


Already got digital micrometer, laser safety glasses, tape, and more. what’s one more thing for the GF?




Oh good, I’m glad I didn’t steer you wrong!



You should add your selfie to the “mug shot” thread.