Sometimes, life really is Black and white

Tonights Glowforge projects utilized Inventables white on black layered acrylic, thick Proofgrade clear acrylic, and medium proofgrade black acrylic.

First, I duplicated the label from a Chanel No 5 bottle for a friend, then I made a desk ‘nameplate’ for my hairdresser and salon owner. The hanging sign on the nameplate is a miniature version of the sign outside of his shop. The salon is just a few minutes from downtown Fort Worth, so I decided to incorporate the city skyline into the design. It was a fun project, and with any luck, I’ll get a free haircut out of it. :joy::rofl: At the request of @morganstanfield, I’m modifying the original post to include settings for the Inventables black/white layered acrylic. Most importantly, REMOVE the plastic mask before doing anything else, as it will not vaporize, and will end up depositing itself on your finished product. For ease of cleanup, I replaced the plastic mask with a paper mask

Growforge PRO
1/16th" (.067) Inventables two colored layered acrylic (I use the same settings for both the red/white and the black/white.
Cut: Speed=285 Power=Full
Light Engrave: Speed=885 / Power=45 / LPI=minimum of 340, but 450 for small intricate detailed pieces
Heavy Engrave: Speed=885 / Power=76 / LPI=minimum of 340, but 450 for small intricate detailed pieces.

I used the “Heavy Engrave” settings on the ‘Chanel’ item, and the “Light Engrave” settings on ‘the salon’ sign. only minimal clean-up was necessary on the white layer after removing the paper mask For the small amount of clean up needed, I used a tiny cotton swab dipped in denatured alcohol.



LOVE the black and white…love your design. Thanks for showing us!


Great nameplate


Oh gosh, what a wonderful and unique sign! You should get a years worth of haircuts!


These are great! I think the skyline was a nice touch.


Those look fantastic. The nameplate is exceptionally classy.


Chic design! :grinning:

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Certainly worth a free haircut!! Nicely done!


I’m pleased to say I DID get a free haircut - YEA!!


look at the original post, the settings have now been listed.


Thank you for doing it–you saved me a bunch of time!

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Very nice design. Just wait till the “word of mouth” helps your notoriety!

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Beautiful work, and thanks so much for the settings. Worked a treat on my Laserbits two ply and saved me quite a bit of experimenting!

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How would you adjust these settings for the 1/8" thick version of this acrylic?

You can likely use the same settings, but specify the correct thickness of the material you are using.

I’ve learned a great deal since this was originally posted, and would suggest that you experiment with defocusing the laser, for a smoother engrave. Simply set the focal height slightly higher than the actual material thickness.

I also have a pro. Could you share the settings for cutting the acrylic

The settings are in the original post above.

Have u used the 1/16th inch metallic acrylic? Your settings won’t cut through it.

Really beautiful! I imagine Ian may give you free trims for life!

1/4” acrylic cuts at full power, and speed of 120.