Sometimes vent, sometimes filter?

I live in Minnesota where it is sometimes uncomfortably cold. I ordered a glowforge with the air filter so I wouldn’t have to vent out the window on cold days. But I hope to be able to vent outside when it’s warm enough and only use the filter when it’s too cold. Will this work?

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Yup. I asked the same thing the other day and Dan said it’s doable.

thanks for letting me know. Dan says:

As someone who has had to deal with a cracked laser tube due to un-dammed exterior venting, this is a good call. For anyone considering a permanently connected hose-only option, please invest in a simple blast gate (normally part of dust collection systems) to isolate your tube from outside air, even if you have a self-closing vent on the outer wall.

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That’s good to hear. I live in Arizona and have the opposite situation; I want to use the vent in the winter but need to keep the windows shut in the summer. Should make the filter last longer that way, and that’s good news. =^)

Example of a blast gate, Lee Valley Tools item number 03J61.24.

Check Amazon for a 4" blast gate. I got a couple as “add-on” items for $2.60 each (although that price just jumped to $11). There are others for around $5.